Remote Health Unit Business Index


RHUBI has been developed by Far West Local Health District as a community resource for all health organisations and providers to provide information on the range of health services available to consumers and communities in Far West New South Wales.

Health organisations

Health organisations and service providers can register to access RHUBI and input information in the service directory section of RHUBI to provide the public with information regarding their services and programs. Health organisations and services providers can also use RHUBIs unique feature – the clinic calendar – to display information regarding the upcoming clinics being run at their services.

Health organisations and service provides can also keep up to date on the services and clinics for their clients requiring referral to another service or specialist.


Consumers can access RHUBI to find information about the health organisations and services in their community. RHUBI will provide consumers with contact details, websites, opening hours, disability access and fees/payment options (if necessary) of health services.

Consumers will also be able to search the clinic calendar for upcoming clinics in their community. The information on the clinic calendar will show the clinic date/times, contact details, if a referral is required, and a description of the service.

General information about the clinic calendar.

What is a referral?

A referral is the process for health service providers to send their clients to another service if they require additional assistance or a higher level specialist service. A referral may be as simple as a telephone call between service providers to organise an appointment or it may be a written referral (letter) that has relevant information regarding the illness and/or requirements of the client. A written referral will be required to book an appointment at a specialist clinic.

Written referrals will also need to be valid i.e. current to make an appointment. If a client has health issues requiring ongoing specialist appointments they will need to ensure that their referral is valid and obtain a new referral letter if it is out of date.

Who can provide a referral?

  • A GP
  • An Allied Health professional
  • A Medical Specialist

Making an appointment.

To make an appointment at the required clinic, contact should be made with the health service or provider. For some clinics, appointments may not always be available in the month on the calendar that is viewed. The health service will book the appointment at the next available clinic. Some clinics may also have a waiting list for appointments and it may take longer to get an appointment – this is especially the case with some specialist clinics. The sooner contact is made with the health service the earlier the appointment will be.