Remote Health Unit Business Index

28 June 2019
Title Time Description
DROP IN CHILD & FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC, Adelaide Street, Wentworth 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM The C&FH Drop-In Clinic conducts developmental health checks at the following key stages: 1-4 weeks; 6-8 weeks; 6 months; 12 months; 18 months; 2 years; 3 years; 4 years.
The specialised Child & Family Health Nurse is able to provide support and information on: feeding your infant; coping with sleeping and crying; your child's growth and development; immunisation; child safety; starting family foods; postnatal depression and distress; parent wellbeing; pregnancy; community networking and resources.
WENTWORTH SHIRE DIABETES SUPPORT GROUP @ Day Care Centre, Wentworth Hospital 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM The Wentworth Shire Diabetes Support Group is an ongoing health and wellbeing group to provide opportunities for information sharing and support for people with diabetes, their families and carers. The group provides social connection and wellbeing support, as well as a range of guest presenters to provide up to date information on diabetes management. Guest speakers may include: optometrist; podiatrist; dietician; diabetes educator; mental health & wellbeing; a guided supermarket tour.
COST: Free. A gold coin towards afternoon tea is appreciated.
WHEN: Last Thursday every 2nd month (February, April, June, August and October)
Contact: Raelene Gibson, Diabetes Educator for more information.