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27 March 2020
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CHILD & FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC (0-4 YEARS) DROP-IN CLINIC @ Adelaide Street, Wentworth 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM The CHILD & FAMILY HEALTH Drop-In Clinic conducts developmental health checks at the following key stages:
* 1-4 weeks; * 6-8 weeks;
* 6 months; * 12 months; * 18 months;
* 2 years; * 3 years; * 4 years.
The specialised Child & Family Health Nurse is able to provide support and information on: feeding your infant; coping with sleeping and crying; your child's growth and development; immunisation; child safety; starting family foods; postnatal depression and distress; parent wellbeing; pregnancy; community networking and resources. Breastfeeding support.
Working in Partnership with Parents to Support Families in the Early Years.