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IMMUNISATION CLINIC, Adelaide Street, Wentworth

Dareton Child and Family Health

Friday 12, June 2020


Contact Number: 03 5021 7200

DARETON PRIMARY HEALTH IMMUNISATION CLINICS 2020 The NSW Immunisation Schedule recommends that children are immunised at the following ages: • Birth • 6 weeks • 4 months • 6 months • 12 months • 18 months • 4 years The Save the Date to Vaccinate app Why you should download the handy ‘Save the Date to Vaccinate’ app: • It’s free and easy to use • To create a personalised schedule for each child • It sends you reminders to set appointments • It provides immunisation information at your fingertips • It offers free lullabies/soothing sounds. To download the app, visit ALL SERVICES ARE FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL

Disability Access is available for this service

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